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Skilled Defense For Allegations Of Fraud And Financial Crimes In Upstate South Carolina

The government has doubled down on so-called “white collar crimes.” State and federal law enforcement agencies have dedicated investigators or whole departments devoted to prosecuting fraud and financial crimes.

If you are the subject of a fraud investigation or if you have been charged with a white-collar offense, you need to be proactive. Call the criminal defense attorneys at Ryan Beasley Law if you need criminal defense in Greenville or anywhere in South Carolina. We can provide the strategic and aggressive representation necessary to protect your freedom and your livelihood.

Time is of the essence in a fraud case.
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Experienced White Collar Criminal Defense

We have defended clients facing charges in the Upstate counties and throughout South Carolina, both state court and federal prosecutions.

These are usually felony offenses punishable by jail or prison time, substantial fines and other court sanctions. In addition to the criminal penalties, a conviction for fraud or theft is a black mark that may threaten professional licensure, business relationships, career paths, job opportunities and your reputation in the community.

We take pride in the results of our proactive approach. By intervening before an indictment or warrant is issued, we sometimes are able to help clients avoid an embarrassing arrest or even convince the prosecutor to drop the case or file lesser charges. If you are formally charged, we can explore all possible defenses and mitigating factors, including restitution in lieu of prosecution.

We Understand What’s At Stake

As experienced white collar crime lawyers, we have developed good relations with investigators, prosecutors and judges in the Upstate region. We will vigorously defend you, all the way to jury verdict if necessary, to fight the allegations and limit the impact on your future and your family.

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White Collar Crimes

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