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Insurance Fraud Lawyers In Greenville, SC


Insurance Fraud Defense In Greenville And Upstate

Insurance companies and government agencies take fraudulent insurance claims very seriously. They have considerable investigative resources and will vigorously prosecute. If you are the subject of an insurance fraud investigation, you need a lawyer who can swiftly intervene to protect your rights and avoid a rush to judgment.

Our criminal defense attorneys at Ryan Beasley Law have successfully represented individuals in Upstate South Carolina who are charged with or suspected of insurance fraud. Our clients range from homeowners and other claimants to business owners and medical professionals. We will work to clear you of wrongdoing or minimize the criminal penalties and personal fallout.

Under investigation for billing practices?

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Accused Of Fraudulent Claims Or Billing?

Our team has over a decade of white collar criminal defense experience in state and federal courts. We have experience with various forms of insurance fraud. Our team can help you respond to allegations such as:

We have represented doctors and claims administrators accused of defrauding the federal government or private insurers through reimbursement for phantom patients or services not rendered, or through double billing, unbundling and other unlawful practices. We will work to show that any mistakes or misstatements were inadvertent, reflecting complex and confusing regulations rather than criminal intent. Likewise, when representing individuals accused of false or inflated claims for property damage or medical expenses, we make sure that their side of the story is told.

By intervening early, we can sometimes help you avoid formal charges when there is an honest explanation, or arrange for dismissal of the charges or leniency through restitution. We are also prepared to go to trial when clients are facing the prospect of prison or a career-ending felony conviction.

We Know How To Defend You Against These Charges

Our trial experience and contacts at all levels of the justice system can work to your advantage. Before you give any statement to investigators, get legal counsel.

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