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Identity Theft Lawyers In Greenville, SC


Defense Against Charges Of Identity Theft Or Credit Card Fraud

Hijacking another person’s identity or financial resources for personal gain is a serious felony crime. Merely acquiring someone else’s account numbers or sensitive personal data can trigger criminal charges. Identity theft and computer crimes often attract the attention of the FBI or other federal agencies, resulting in federal prosecution.

Our criminal defense team at Ryan Beasley Law in Greenville has extensive experience in white collar crimes, including identity theft, credit card fraud and computer crimes. We understand the high stakes, whether you are facing local prosecution, federal charges or both. Our proactive approach and skilled advocacy can help you avoid an arrest, reduce the charges or minimize the consequences.

The prosecution is building its case.

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Identity Theft Defense In Upstate South Carolina

We are equipped to provide a sophisticated defense for allegations involving misappropriation of sensitive data, such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers, Social Security numbers or electronic passwords.

You may be facing jail or prison time, and the future consequences of a felony record. Contact us if you were arrested or if you believe you are under investigation for:

Serious Representation For Serious Offenses

Our founding attorney is a former prosecutor who has over 15 years of focused practice as a defense lawyer. Our team understands that no case is airtight. Our extensive experience and aggressive approach can work on your behalf. We will examine the evidence and exhaust your defenses. If we are not able to get your case dismissed or key evidence excluded, we are prepared to represent you at trial to try to spare you from prison and other penalties. Our team has a track record of favorable results in both state and federal courts.

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