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Embezzlement Lawyers In Greenville, SC


Accused Of Embezzling From Your Employer?

An allegation of embezzlement is humiliating and terrifying. With the prospect of going to jail, losing your job or being blacklisted, you need strong and proactive legal counsel.

You can turn to Ryan Beasley Law in Greenville. Our legal team can provide effective criminal defense for charges of embezzlement and employee theft. We are experienced with white collar crimes in both state and federal courts, representing clients in Upstate South Carolina and statewide.

The charges are frightening and embarrassing.

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Embezzlement Defense Lawyer In Greenville

Allegations of embezzling or stealing from an employer can range from sophisticated accounting schemes or electronic transfers to physical theft of company assets. You can be charged with embezzlement or larceny for allegations of:

We represent managers, clerks, accountants, treasurers, fiduciaries and other people in positions of trust, or any employee of a private, public or nonprofit entity accused of theft.

There Is Always Another Side Of The Story

We have good relationships with county, state and federal prosecutors. When our team is involved early in the process, we can sometimes avoid an arrest or indictment due to an innocent explanation or lack of evidence. Sometimes an employer can be convinced not to press charges in exchange for resignation or restitution, avoiding a public spectacle and a criminal record.

If you are formally charged, we will vigorously defend you. We will also go to trial to fight a conviction. To prove embezzlement, the prosecution must show opportunity as well as intention to permanently deprive the employer for personal gain. Was there an actual loss? What is the evidence of criminal intent? Did others have access to the same accounts? Are there mitigating factors such as debt troubles or health problems?

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