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Ryan Beasley: “My law firm handles all types of criminal cases and that includes DUI defense, drug cases, violent crimes, federal cases, pretty much any kind of criminal case, white collar cases, we handle all these types of cases. However, we do handle a very select few personal injury and litlgation cases. I see it too often out there in the legal community that lots of lawyers take way too many cases, it spreads them way too thin and they really don’t do their clients the justice that they deserve and the attention they deserve. We do probably take a smaller number of clients and that’s because we want to have a better relationship with our clients. We want our clients to be able to call us and we answer the phone. If we don’t answer the phone, we’re going to call them back, and we’re going to know them by name, we’re going to know them by face and we’re going to take care of them.”

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