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Weapons Charge Lawyer In Greenville, SC


Weapon & Firearm Charges

While you have the right to own and use a firearm, there are federal laws and restrictions that govern how, when, and who can use, carry, possess, or purchase a firearm. If you are facing weapons charges, you may also be facing related charges. Federal prosecutors often tack on weapons charges in cases where the police find a firearm or weapon on the crime scene. A weapons offense on its own can be charged as a felony or misdemeanor, which means you could face a longer sentence and harsher penalties if you get convicted of multiple crimes.

If you are facing weapons charges, it is in your best interest to act promptly and have an experienced Greenville, SC, weapons attorney fighting for you. For over 22 years, our weapons defense attorneys have been fiercely fighting for people accused of committing various crimes and weapons violations, including cases involving felons in possession of a firearm.

A Weapons Charge is Very Serious, Especially If You Have a Past Felony Conviction

The most common federal weapons charge is felon in possession of a firearm, usually of handguns. Under the law, individuals with prior felony criminal convictions on their records are prohibited from purchasing, acquiring, using, or possessing handguns.

You also cannot possess a stolen handgun or one with an unreadable, tampered, or erased serial number. In addition, you cannot deliver or sell a handgun to another individual who is prohibited from possessing a handgun.

In SC, the following individuals are not allowed to possess or acquire a handgun:

This type of charge can lead to harsh penalties, including up to 15 years in federal prison and fines. Reports indicate that most people convicted of this charge receive a prison sentence, often around five years.

How Our Greenville, SC, Weapons Attorneys Can Help

The prosecution will do everything they can to prove the charges against you, especially if you are a convicted felon. With the Greenville, SC, weapons attorneys at Ryan Beasley Law on your side, it will become more challenging for the prosecution to prove their case. Most cases involving felons in possession of a firearm hinge on whether the felon actually possessed the weapon.

For example, you can be charged with unlawful possession if you are on someone’s property where there’s a firearm present if you’re a convicted felon. In most cases, the defendant was not aware of the firearm’s presence, or the prosecution cannot prove that the defendant knew about the firearm. Whatever the circumstances of your situation, our Greenville, SC, weapons attorneys can mount a solid defense strategy to ensure the most favorable outcome for your case.

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