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Drug Prosecution Lawyers In Greenville, SC


You Need A Defense Lawyer With Federal Court Experiences

Any federal charge is extremely serious. The federal government has substantial resources at its disposal to investigate criminal allegations. In addition, federal sentencing guidelines give prosecutors significant leverage. For these and other reasons, choosing the best legal team to defend you is extremely important.

Our defense attorneys at Greenville-based Ryan Beasley Law defend people in the Upstate counties and throughout South Carolina who are facing federal criminal charges. Our clients have hired us to assist them with a variety of accusations, from white collar crimes (financial crimes) to drug offenses. Whatever charges you face, you can rely on us to analyze the evidence and take effective action as quickly as possible. With a record of success in high-profile criminal prosecutions, we have achieved successful outcomes at all stages of the criminal justice system.

Federal charges demand serious representation.

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Experienced Representation For All Federal Charges

We are equipped for all areas of federal criminal defense, including:

We also represent employers and employees in federal qui tam actions (whistleblower cases).

A Proactive Defense Is Critical When Facing Federal Allegations

Federal prosecutions are different from state prosecutions in many ways. Federal court has its own procedures and rules of evidence. Some federal charges trigger mandatory minimum penalties. Many of those charges cannot be pled down to lesser offenses and that often influences the defense strategy. Perhaps most importantly, federal prosecutors and law enforcement officers are very deliberate in gathering evidence. Before seeking an indictment from a grand jury, the government may spend months building its case. By the time an indictment is handed down, the defendant may have very few reasonable options.

Whenever possible, you should hire a lawyer before an indictment. In fact, as soon as you know you are under investigation, you should hire an attorney. Before a grand jury hands down an indictment, we might be able to show the government why it should not bring charges. Our legal team has relationships with people at all levels of the federal justice system, from DEA agents and federal prosecutors to judges and probation officers. We will work to make sure that you know what to expect so you are not blindsided. We will go on the offensive to get out in front of the charges and, if possible, we will try to get the charges altered. That aggressive approach could impact your outcome.

Even if the government decides to proceed, by hiring our law firm early in the process, we will be better prepared to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your case at the beginning. Therefore, we can explore all possible defenses and give you every possible advantage.

We Will Be With You All The Way

We handle all facets of federal prosecutions, from requests for government immunity and motions to dismiss to representation at trial, plea negotiations, sentencing and appeals.

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