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Child Pornography Attorneys

As one of the most severe crimes involving children, a conviction for child pornography comes with harsh penalties and a stigma that lasts a lifetime. If you have been charged with child pornography, you should reach out to a dedicated and fearless Greenville, SC, child pornography lawyer as soon as possible.

At Ryan Beasley Law, our Greenville, SC, child pornography attorneys have a thorough understanding of state and federal child pornography laws and will work hard to defend your case.

The Penalties for a Child Pornography Conviction Are Extremely Harsh

Child pornography refers to visual depictions of minors performing sexually illicit conduct. Under federal child porn laws, it is illegal to willfully and intentionally manufacture, possess, receive, transport, and receive child pornography materials. Federal child pornography laws are broader and encompass various areas that SC laws don’t cover. Federal laws are mainly focused on child pornography production and transportation of the materials across state lines.

In addition, federal prosecutors commonly get involved in cases involving the possession of child pornography materials when the defendant intends to sell the materials on government land or transport them across state lines for selling. The court imposes severe penalties for violating child pornography laws, such as:

Whether you’re facing a federal or state child pornography charge, the Greenville, SC, child pornography attorneys at Ryan Beasley Law will make sure your rights are upheld and do everything possible to clear your reputation.

What Our Greenville, SC, Child Pornography Attorneys Can Do For You

While child pornography charges can be difficult and complicated to defend, there are various defenses our Greenville, SC, child pornography attorneys can raise. Each case is unique, and we can determine the best possible defense suitable to your case.

Potential defenses include challenging the aspects of the prosecution’s case against you. This could involve whether the materials found in your possession meet the law’s definition of the offense or whether or not you intentionally acquired, distributed, or transported them. We can also determine whether the investigators did not violate your rights when they searched your property.

The Greenville, SC, child pornography attorneys at Ryan Beasley Law are skilled at implementing the defenses and other strategies to cast doubt into the prosecution’s case against you and prove your innocence. We will carefully investigate the details of your case to build a solid plan for defense.

Being accused of child pornography can be terrifying, overwhelming, and confusing. If you’re facing allegations of creating, disseminating, transporting, or possessing child pornography, do not wait to get in touch with Ryan Beasley Law. Our Greenville, SC, child pornography attorneys will know what to do to preserve your reputation and freedom. Arrange your case review with our Greenville, SC, child pornography attorney by calling 864-679-7777 or reaching us online.

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