DUI Defense Attorney
Greenville, SC

While drunk driving is an especially serious charge, a DUI arrest does not equal a conviction.
DUI Defense Attorney Greenville, SC

Aggressive Action After A Drunk Driving Arrest

There could be defenses that could minimize the penalties or lead to an outright dismissal.

You are likely aware of the potential penalties for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, including license suspension, jail time, probation and fines. There are also ramifications for your employment, insurance and your standing in the community.

Our DUI attorneys at Ryan Beasley Law have decades of experience. We can identify potential defense plans for any charge of driving under the influence (DUI) or driving with an unlawful alcohol concentration (DUAC).

Whatever the circumstances, we know how to present the strongest drunk driving defense. We have experience with every scenario:

  • First-time arrest for DUI
  • Repeat DUI or aggravating factors (high BAC, child in the car, etc.)
  • Underage DUI (involving high school or college students)
  • Refusal of the breath test
  • Arrests at DUI checkpoints
  • Alcohol-related accidents

DUI Defense

Whatever the circumstances, we know how to present the strongest drunk driving defense. We have experience with every scenario.

Repeat DUI/Felony

A drunk driving arrest with a prior DUI or in connection with a car accident is prosecuted and punished all the more harshly than a first conviction.

Underage/college DUI

The law cracks down harder on under-21 drivers. an underage DUI can hamper a young person’s opportunities in higher education and employment.

Failed Tests or Refusal

A good defense lawyer can challenge the basis for arrest and any resulting evidence from a roadside sobriety test.

Challenging a DUI

Being pulled over and arrested for DUI is a scary experience. There are still opportunities to fight this if you promptly hire an experienced team of defense attorneys.

Your Justice Is Our Priority

In any DUI arrest, there are a number of defenses. We have successfully challenged DUIs on the basis of reasonable suspicion for the traffic stop, the legitimacy of field sobriety tests (FSTs), how the Breathalyzer test was performed and other grounds. Our team will closely examine the evidence in your case to find flaws in the government’s case.

Protecting You Against All Consequences Of A DUI Charge

Every DUI charge has two components: the criminal charge and the civil case. Your civil case, before the South Carolina DMV, will determine whether your license will be suspended. You have the right to request a hearing before the DMV within 30 days of your arrest. If successful, we can help you keep your driving privileges. These hearings are also an excellent opportunity to get an early look at the government’s case against you.

Let’s Change The Outcome

DUI Defense can be serious, but we can help. If you need legal advice, there is no time to wait.