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Do You Face Enhanced DUI Penalties For A Repeat Offense Or Aggravating Factors

A straight DUI conviction is bad enough. A drunk driving arrest with a prior DUI or in connection with a car accident is prosecuted and punished all the more harshly. If you or someone you love is facing enhanced DUI charges, it is critical to involve experienced defense attorneys as early as possible.

Our legal team at Ryan Beasley Law has provided skilled DUI defense in the Greenville area and surrounding Upstate counties for over 15 years. We regularly represent clients who find themselves facing severe penalties and even felony charges because of aggravating circumstances in a DUI arrest. Our proactive approach can help you avoid the most serious charges or challenge the underlying arrest. If we succeed, we could protect your freedom, your driving privileges and your future.

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Aggressive Defense For Repeat DUI And Felony DUI

Any of the following factors can result in more serious charges or enhanced penalties:

  • Second DUI – The potential fines, jail time and license suspension for a second DUI conviction can be more than double the penalties for a first offense.
  • Third DUI – The minimum jail time for a third DUI is 60 days (and up to three years), plus license suspension for two to four years.
  • Fourth DUI – You may face the possibility of one to five years in prison and permanent license revocation.
  • High BAC – DUI penalties increase if your blood alcohol level is over .10 and increase again at a BAC of .16 or greater.
  • Child endangerment — Driving under the influence with one or more children under age 16 in the car triggers additional fines and/or jail time.
  • Felony DUI – Causing great bodily injury or death while under the influence, as in a drunk driving accident, are serious felony offenses punishable by years in prison and staggering fines.

Helping You Take The Necessary Steps To Protect Your Future

Depending on the facts of your case, there might be programs that can help you minimize the consequences of a criminal charge. For instance, certain first-time drug offenders may qualify for a conditional discharge. Under a conditional discharge, if the defendant successfully completes a probation program, the charges can be dismissed. In addition, people accused of some types of alcohol-related offenses may qualify for an Alcohol Education Program (AEP). Under this program, people who qualify can complete community service, alcohol testing and classes to have the charges dismissed.

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