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Challenging A DUI In South Carolina


Proven Strategies For Challenging a DUI Arrest

Being pulled over and arrested for DUI is a heart-thumping and humiliating experience. But there are still opportunities to fight this, if you promptly hire a team of defense attorneys who know what they are doing.

Call our DUI defense attorneys at Ryan Beasley Law. Based in Greenville, we have successfully challenged DUI charges in cases across Upstate South Carolina. This has enabled some clients to walk away completely, through dismissal of charges or acquittal at trial. In other cases, we have been able to exclude evidence or refute testimony, putting our clients in a strong position for plea negotiations or mitigated penalties.

We have helped many people in your situation.

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Proactive And Proven DUI Defense In Greenville

We practice extensively in DUI defense, from first offenses to felony charges. Our legal team has a detailed understanding of South Carolina’s drunk driving laws and arrest procedures. We also have good relationships with prosecutors in Greenville County and the surrounding jurisdictions. Our focus, combined with years of experience, enables us to intervene before formal charges are brought or to confront the evidence in legal proceedings.

As your lawyers, we can confidently challenge DUI arrests and prosecutions that involve:

For example, South Carolina is one of the few states that require all parts of a DUI arrest to be recorded on video. This can be an enormous advantage for defendants, as any mistakes or irregularities in the evidence will be there for everyone to see. In challenging your DUI, we will look closely at the dashcam videotape to determine how best to defend your case. We have strong relationships with prosecutors across the state. We will work to help them understand the details of your case and your version of the events. If a trial is necessary, you can depend on us to create an argument that will resonate with the jury and judge.

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