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Interstate Drug Stop Lawyers In South Carolina


Arrested For Drug Possession On I-85 In South Carolina?

Interstate 85 is known to state and federal authorities as a primary corridor for drugs flowing between Atlanta, Charlotte and Richmond. On a regular basis, drivers are pulled over on I-85 in South Carolina and subsequently arrested on drug charges.

Sometimes the traffic stops are based on tips from informants, but in many cases law enforcement is simply “trolling” for drugs or illegally profiling citizens in the hopes of scoring a drug bust. Our Greenville defense attorneys at Ryan Beasley Law will provide experienced and aggressive representation to hold the government accountable if your rights were violated.

Did they have a valid reason to pull you over?

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Was Your Drug Stop On The Interstate A Lawful Arrest?

In any traffic stop, law enforcement agencies are bound by two important principles. First, they must have a probable cause to pull you over. They cannot stop you on a hunch, or at random, or because of racial or ethnic characteristics. Second, the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution protects you from unreasonable search and seizure. This applies to unauthorized or coerced searches of your car, the use of drug-sniffing dogs, or exceeding the limits of search warrants.

Our legal team has handled cases of drug stops on I-85 conducted by the highway patrol, the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and multiagency drug task forces. We will carefully analyze the circumstances of the traffic stop and arrest, and the physical evidence. If the officers or agents overstepped their boundaries and violated your rights in the process, any evidence collected as a result could be dismissed. We will fully understand the legal and procedural issues in these cases. We have effectively challenged illegal search or seizure cases in state court and for clients facing federal drug prosecutions.

FAQ About Drug Possession

Q: Am I required to allow police to search my vehicle at a traffic stop?

A: Police are typically only allowed to search your vehicle in the following situations:

Q: What happens if police search my vehicle unlawfully and find evidence against me?

A: If police searched your vehicle without a warrant, without probable cause and without your permission, you may be able to get any evidence found in the search dismissed so it cannot be used against you. In some cases, this could result in your charges getting dropped entirely.

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We have a team of lawyers who have made a career in criminal defense, with extensive experience in drug cases. As your attorneys, we will use our unique insights and relationships with prosecutors at all levels to get the charges dismissed or spare you from the harshest consequences.

Based in Greenville, we have handled interstate drug stop cases in all jurisdictions of the I-85 corridor in Upstate South Carolina. To arrange a confidential consultation, contact us online or call (864) 679-7777.

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