Drug Trafficking and Conspiracy

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Drug Trafficking and Conspiracy Charges

Allegations of drug trafficking and conspiring invoke the possibility of years in prison. These charges are applied broadly by state and federal prosecutors to include many people who are innocent or marginally involved. Even family members may be threatened with conspiracy charges to put pressure on high-value suspects.

Our team of criminal defense attorneys at Ryan Beasley Law are experienced with high-level drug charges in Greenville and throughout Upstate South Carolina. We have helped clients manage  drug cases in state and federal courts. We are prepared to assert your rights and your defenses if you are under investigation for drug trafficking, criminal conspiracy or related white collar crimes.

Caught up in a major drug investigation?

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Our Proactive Approach Pays Off

Our legal philosophy is to get in front of serious felony charges before an arrest or indictment. We have a good working relationship with investigators and prosecutors at all levels. Frequently, we can convince the authorities to decline a case or dismiss unfounded charges when the evidence does not support our client’s involvement or when the evidence was obtained through unlawful search and seizure.

We will exhaust every defense, knowing that a conviction for drug conspiracy or trafficking could cost you your freedom or your livelihood. We have specific experience with federal drug charges  – well-versed in federal court procedures and plugged into decision-makers at federal agencies such as the DEA. We will constantly work on your case to improve your outcome.

When necessary, we are prepared to defend you at trial, challenging the testimony of undercover agents and government informants, the legality of search warrants and sting operations, probable cause for  traffic stops on the interstate and all facets of the prosecution’s case.

FAQ About Drug Trafficking And Drug Conspiracy

Q: What constitutes drug trafficking in South Carolina?

A: In South Carolina, drug trafficking charges are typically dependent on how much of a drug you have in your possession.

Drug trafficking itself refers to the cultivation, manufacturing, distribution and sale of drugs and illicit substances. In South Carolina, none of these necessarily have to be proven in order to be charged with drug trafficking. Drug trafficking charges are applied when you have a large amount of a drug, with the implication that if you are engaging in trafficking if you have so much in your possession. The exact amount that you need to have on you depends on the drug in question – the threshold is 10 pounds for marijuana, but only 10 grams for cocaine or methamphetamine.

Q: Can I be charged with a drug crime if I was not handling the drugs?

A: You could be charged with drug conspiracy even if you did not directly handle any drugs. Drug conspiracy charges apply to those who are involved in a drug crime in any way. If you agree to drive a drug dealer to an illegal sale, you may face drug conspiracy charges even if you had nothing to do with the sale itself. Law enforcement may also threaten family members and close friends with drug conspiracy charges if they believe they are knowingly aiding a suspect.

We Can Help Best When You Involve Us Early

If you have been arrested for drug trafficking or believe you are being investigated in connection with a drug conspiracy, contact us as soon as possible.  Call (864) 679-7777 or reach us through our online form.

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