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Drug Trafficking Lawyers In Greenville, SC


Drug Trafficking and Conspiracy

One of the harshest drug-related charges you can face in South Carolina is drug trafficking and conspiracy. A conviction for this drug crime, whether on a state or federal level, can result in years of imprisonment, hefty fines, and a host of severe collateral consequences that can follow you for the rest of your life.

If you are being investigated for drug trafficking and conspiracy or have already been charged, you must act promptly. Reach out to the Greenville, SC, drug trafficking and conspiracy attorneys at Ryan Beasley Law to discuss your case. For over 22 years, our attorneys have handled numerous drug-related cases, and we know how to build the best defense strategy specific to your case.

Understanding Drug Trafficking and Conspiracy Charges in Greenville, SC

Drug trafficking involves the transportation, distribution, or importation of illegal drugs. It is always a felony charge in SC. It is crucial to note that drug trafficking doesn’t only mean moving illegal drugs across state lines; you can be charged with trafficking if you possess an amount of drugs that exceed the lawful threshold weight.

A drug trafficking charge may be based on conspiracy, or the weight of the drugs involved in the crime. In most cases, a charge for drug trafficking, possession with intent to distribute, and simple drug possession are based on weight. The higher the amount of drugs involved, the harsher the penalties for a conviction.

A conspiracy is defined as an agreement or deal between two or more people to engage in a crime for a common goal. People who are charged with trafficking and conspiracy are surprised to find that they’re accused of conspiring with other individuals, all or most of whom they don’t even know. To be charged with drug trafficking and conspiracy, the amount of drugs you allegedly conspired to traffic must exceed the threshold requirement.

In most cases, drug trafficking and conspiracy charges come with other collateral charges. It is common to see possession of firearms, money laundering, and other related offenses charged in drug crime cases.

When you are facing drug trafficking and conspiracy or other related charges, it’s crucial to defend these charges strategically. Our Greenville, SC, drug trafficking and conspiracy attorneys have an in-depth understanding of how the evidence on different charges can be interconnected and how their defenses can unfavorably or positively impact the prosecution’s case against you.

Getting a drug trafficking and conspiracy charge isn’t a guaranteed conviction. Our Greenville, SC, drug trafficking and conspiracy attorneys at Ryan Beasley Law will help you understand the charges against you, the penalties you stand to face, and how we can fight to secure your freedom.

To be convicted of the charges you’re facing, you must have intentionally committed the crimes you’re accused of. While drug-related charges are complicated, a well-crafted defense strategy can lead to your charges getting dismissed, dropped, or reduced to lesser offenses. Find out more about your case and how we can help by scheduling your case review online or calling 864-679-7777.

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