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The use of prescription drugs has exploded in recent years, between recreational use and addiction to painkillers. The misuse of prescription-only medications has also caught the attention of law enforcement, resulting in many arrests.

If you have been arrested or investigated in connection with prescription drugs, we can help. Our experienced drug offense attorneys at Ryan Beasley Law serve the Upstate region. We will work diligently to protect your rights. If possible, we will work to get your criminal charges dismissed or reduced. We have successfully resolved drug charges for clients in Greenville, Anderson, Spartanburg and the surrounding counties.

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These Cases Are Prosecuted As Drug Crimes

Prescription narcotics are tightly regulated because of the potential for abuse. To law enforcement, possessing these drugs without a prescription or distributing them without a license is viewed the same as possession and sale of other controlled substances. That means you are potentially facing a felony record, prison time and lifelong consequences if the charges stick.

We have a record of successful outcomes in defending prescription drug crimes such as:

The Bureau of Drug Control of the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control often investigates prescription drug offenses. We have defended nurses and pharmacists accused of stealing or dealing prescription medications through their employment. We have defended college students and adults from all walks of life who were accused of unlawful possession of prescription-only drugs.

Intervention And Defense

We will examine the circumstances of your arrest to determine how best to defend you. Do authorities have evidence of fraud or an illegal transaction? Were the drugs discovered in a traffic stop or a warrantless search? Do the pills belong to a family member or friend? Are there mitigating factors such as addiction?

We have achieved positive results on the front end of drug investigations, including dismissals and favorable negotiations. Our team is also prepared to defend you at trial to protect your freedom and your future.

FAQ About Prescription Drug Crimes

Q: Can I receive a DUI for driving while on prescription medication?

A: If you are taking a prescription that can impair your ability to drive, then yes you can receive a DUI for driving while on the medication. Many prescription drugs will include warnings on the bottle telling you not to drive while taking the medication. If your medication is prone to cause drowsiness or impair your driving ability in any way, it is best to err on the side of caution and have someone else drive you.

Q: Can I be arrested for sharing my prescription medication with someone else?

A: Yes. Whether you are selling your prescription drugs to someone else, or simply sharing a couple pills with a friend who shares your symptoms, this is breaking the law and may result in a criminal charge.

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