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Are You Or A Family Member Facing Drug Charges?

Drug crimes are vigorously prosecuted and harshly penalized. Depending on the charge, you could face incarceration and life-altering consequences. With everything that is at stake, it is important to hire an experienced law team as early in the process as possible.

Call the experienced criminal defense team at Ryan Beasley Law if you or a family member faces drug charges in South Carolina. We defend people against the full range of drug offenses, from seemingly minor possession charges to federal prosecutions for trafficking and conspiracy. Whatever the charges, we will identify potential defenses and work tirelessly to bring about the best possible resolution.

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Experienced Drug Crime Defense

Our criminal defense team has decades of experience. We have defended people accused of all manners of drug-related offenses such as:

The government devotes great resources to the war on drugs. As a result, many people are overcharged or caught up in large sting operations. We have extensive experience with federal drug charges. These charges demand an attorney who is familiar with federal court procedure and government agencies such as the DEA. We regularly represent clients facing charges for drug stops on Interstate 85. Our team will explore all potential defenses, including the legality of traffic stops, searches and seizure.

Proactive Representation For Serious Charges

A felony drug conviction can lead to incarceration, and the criminal record will adversely affect your family and your future. In many cases, we can intervene with the prosecutor to prevent or dismiss charges, to reduce it to a lesser offense, or to take jail or prison time off of the table.

In addition, it is important that the prosecution knows that your lawyer will take your case to trial when necessary. We have tried cases in counties across South Carolina and have successfully represented clients in numerous high-profile criminal prosecutions. Our experience, tenacity and aggressive approach to your defense make us a strong choice if you are facing any type of drug charge.

FAQ About Drug Charges

Q: What are some possible defenses to drug charges?

A: Even when law enforcement finds evidence against you, there are strong defenses we can employ to get your charges minimized or your case dismissed. Common defenses to drug crimes include:

  • There is insufficient evidence. Evidence used against you must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed a crime.
  • The drugs are not yours. If you had no knowledge of the drugs in your possession, did not know what the substance was, or if the substance was planted on you, you may be able to avoid charges.
  • There was no probable cause. Officers must have reasonable grounds or a probable cause to make an arrest. If they did not have probable cause, the arrest would have been unlawful.
  • Police conducted an unlawful search and seizure. If police searched your property and collected evidence without a warrant or without your permission, we may be able to dismiss that evidence so it cannot be used against you.

Q: Will I lose my job if I am convicted of a drug crime?

A: Whether or not you keep your job depends on your current employer, but even if you do retain your position you will almost certainly face professional consequences after a drug crime conviction. For example, future job prospects may be limited with a conviction on your record. Additionally, if you are a licensed professional such as a doctor or a lawyer, you may face disciplinary actions from your licensing board.

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Drug Charges

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