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Title IX Sexual Misconduct Lawyers In Greenville, SC


Defense Against Title IX Sexual Misconduct Claims

When a student is accused of sexual misconduct at school, their entire future may be on the line. Even if they are innocent and the evidence is lacking, the school may still side with the accuser. And even if they are found innocent in a criminal case, their school may still find them guilty in an administrative hearing, tarnishing that student’s future.

Ryan Beasley Law is no stranger to these Title IX claims. We believe everybody should have a voice, and every student is entitled to a strong defense before these claims. Our skilled team of attorneys is here to advise you and advocate for your rights.

What Is A Title IX Claim?

Title IX refers to a section of the Education Amendments Act of 1972. This federal law was created to protect students from discrimination based on sex and requires any institution that receives federal funding to conduct an investigation on all sexual assault or misconduct claims that occur on campus.

Title IX claims are not criminal claims, so there may be a separate criminal case occurring at the same time as the Title IX investigation. Every school has its own procedure for investigating these claims, including interviewing any student or staff member involved in the claim and holding a disciplinary hearing to determine guilt.

Unfortunately, school administrators do not have to deem a student “guilty beyond a reasonable doubt” in order to discipline them for a sexual misconduct claim. Many times, they simply have to have over 51% confidence that the incident occurred. With an entire future and education on the line, this can be terrifying to a student or parent of a student who is facing these accusations.

Ryan Beasley Law Can Help You Through This

We understand the challenges you and your family are facing. One accusation should not impact your entire future. Schedule a consultation to discuss your case by calling (864) 679-7777 or you can reach out online. Located in Greenville, we have helped students from Clemson University and other South Carolina institutions.

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