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What are your rights if you deal with campus police?

Students often make jokes about the campus police. But college students may ignore the role campus police have with protecting them. Student may also seriously underestimate the real world and potentially long-term consequences of an arrest or investigation by campus police and should be aware of the important rights they possess. Remain silent The Fifth…


College students aren’t always presumed innocent

College is often a young adult’s first time out from under their parents’ roof for an extended period of time. While moving into the dorms is a great learning experience, it can also be hard on both the students and their parents, as mistakes are made that may have long-ranging consequences. College students are expected…


South Carolina college has its own municipal court

As you walk on the campus of Clemson University, you may think the laws and rules of surrounding Clemson, South Carolina, apply. However, this may not be the case. Clemson University has the unique position of being its own municipality. The municipality of Clemson University includes a five-mile radius around the center of the campus….


Consequences of a DUI for underage drivers

Facing DUI charges can be terrifying for anyone. Whether it’s your first offense, you refused to consent to a breath test or more, the consequences can be steep and you may wonder how the penalties may affect your life. For underage drivers, the effects of a DUI conviction can be even more devastating. While South…


Why did the floor collapse at the Clemson party?

One minute everyone was dancing and having a good time, and moments later the floor fell out from underneath them and dozens of people fell into the basement. Thankfully, no one died, but there were some serious injuries. The investigation into the party near Clemson University will focus on why the floor gave way and…


New York passes 'Raise The Age.' North Carolina next?

Juveniles belong in juvenile court The governor of New York just signed a bill called “Raise the Age.” That leaves North Carolina as the only state that still automatically charges 16- and 17-year-olds as adults. The good news is that North Carolina appears poised to also raise the age of criminal prosecution to 18. However,…


A second chance … to commit crimes?

D.C. lawmakers say leniency in youth sentencing has not deterred crime Youthful offender laws offer lenient sentences and a clean record. Many juveniles squander the opportunity, committing new and escalated crimes. Some are sentenced a third, fourth and fifth time under such “second chance” laws. Lawmakers in the District of Columbia are pushing to repeal…