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Who Is Protected under Title IX?

Title IX is designed to protect everyone who participates in education programs and activities and receives federal financial assistance. And the protections included focus on discrimination based on sex, which extends to sexual orientation, gender identity, pregnancy and beyond. If your institution of learning is facing an issue related to Title IX, consulting with an experienced Greenville, South Carolina, Title IX attorney should be your first order of business.

Title IX 

Title IX is a federal law that applies to all schools receiving federal funding. It not only prohibits discrimination based on sex in educational activities and programs but also protects all faculty, staff, students, and visitors from sex-based discrimination. Some of the educational programs that are subject to Title IX include the following:

In other words, many people at many levels are afforded protections by Title IX.

The Regulations Involved

Title IX includes a wide range of regulations that require educational institutions to follow a careful protocol when responding to reports or complaints of sex discrimination. Further, the school must afford the involved parties’ support, which includes allowing the complainant autonomy when determining how to proceed with the complaint. This means the complainant – or the party who makes the complaint – is free to proceed as they see fit, and while they may choose to initiate or participate in the grievance process, they can’t be pressured or coerced into doing so.

Sexual Assault and Sexual Misconduct Are Also Forms of Sex Discrimination 

Title IX prohibits many kinds of sex discrimination, and this includes all the following:

And the comprehensive protections afforded extend to all the following forms of discrimination:

Further, Title IX prohibits any form of retaliation that’s based on an individual either participating in or refusing to participate in the Title IX grievance process.

Taking the Necessary Precautions 

Educational institutions are required to take swift and appropriate action in the face of any allegation of sexual harassment or assault. The obligation imposed is to provide victims with the support they need and take the measures necessary to prevent a recurrence. Schools are also called upon to implement procedures and policies that thwart gender-based discrimination and harassment. The goal is that every educational institution achieves an inclusive and secure atmosphere that helps everyone to feel comfortable and safe. 

Trust an Experienced Greenville Title IX Attorney to Help 

Navigating the complex labyrinth of Title IX is a challenge, but the insightful South Carolina Title IX attorneys at Ryan Beasley Law in Greenville are standing by to leverage their impressive legal skill and nuanced understanding of the law into legal solutions that are tailored to your unique circumstances. Learn more by contacting us online or calling 864-679-7777 today.