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What Is Title IX Harassment?

While you likely know that Title IX prohibits discrimination based on sex in those institutions of learning that receive federal funding, you may not realize that sex-based discrimination extends to sexual harassment and sexual assault. An experienced Greenville, South Carolina, Title IX attorney can help you keep your educational institution compliant and can help you effectively and efficiently address any student conduct allegations you’re facing related to Title IX.

Title IX’s Scope Is Broad 

Title IX is a comprehensive federal law that covers the students, staff, and visitors of all educational institutions or programs that receive funding from the federal government, and this includes all the following:

Sexual Harassment Is a Form of Sex Discrimination

Title IX identifies sexual harassment – in all its many forms – as a kind of sex-based discrimination and, in response, prohibits it – along with each of the following forms of sexual harassment:

It’s also important to note that Title IX prohibits any kind of retaliation – another form of harassment – in response to a complainant either choosing or refusing to participate in the Title IX complaint process. This is known as respecting the complainant’s autonomy. Our attorneys are ready to step in if you or your student are being accused of student conduct allegations.

The Educational Institute’s Responsibility 

Educational institutions are obligated under Title IX to end the sex discrimination – including in the form of sexual harassment – that complainants identify, prevent it from recurring, and effectively address its effects. As such, schools are required to have comprehensive policies in place that address sexual harassment and other forms of sex-based discrimination and that implement a grievance process that affords complainants speedy and fair resolutions.

For larger educational institutions, this generally translates to having a Title IX coordinator on staff who addresses all the following critical tasks:

Because sexual harassment is so harmful, educational institutions are also called upon to make the necessary accommodations for claimants and to take interim measures that are designed to help, which can include any combination of the following:

Address Your Compliance Concerns with an Experienced Greenville Title IX Attorney Today

The seasoned Title IX attorneys at Ryan Beasley Law in Greenville, South Carolina, recognize the challenges related to Title IX compliance. We assist families and students who are facing student conduct allegations. For more information about what we can do for you, please don’t put off reaching out and contacting or calling us at 864-679-7777 today.