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Why kickbacks are illegal

Receiving kickbacks is still a very real crime being committed in South Carolina and across the country. Understandably, this is often confused with bribery, which is similar but not the same. Bribery is something of value given upfront, whereas kickbacks are usually...

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Thoughts On Thanksgiving

We often think of gratitude on Thanksgiving Day. It is a day to gather and offer thanks. It is not just a day. It is THE day for Americans. It's a tradition that started before our nation's founding and has been part of our culture for as long as anyone alive can...

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When can the police search my home, car or body?

We all make lapses in judgement from time to time. You might have dabbled in recreational drugs occasionally and assumed that because you were not harming anyone else in the process that your drug use was safe and reasonable. However, this could not be further from...

What are the different forms of domestic abuse?

Domestic abuse and allegations of domestic abuse can have a dramatic impact on everyone involved, including those accused of committing domestic abuse. It is helpful for everyone impacted by domestic abuse to be familiar with what is considered domestic abuse. There...

Should you have a public defender represent you?

A lot of people who are charged with serious criminal offenses qualify for the services of the public defender agency. This can be a low or even no-cost option for your criminal defense. For this reason, a lot of people elect to be represented by a public defender...

Dabbling in marijuana can be a risky decision

Sure, you may have made some risky decisions in the past. Perhaps you dabbled in marijuana while in college but have since cleaned up your act. You graduated, got a steady job with a reputable company and were able to support your family. Still, marijuana use did not...

What are your rights if you deal with campus police?

Students often make jokes about the campus police. But college students may ignore the role campus police have with protecting them. Student may also seriously underestimate the real world and potentially long-term consequences of an arrest or investigation by campus...

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