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When can people be charged with insurance fraud?

Unexpected events occur in people’s lives in South Carolina. Many of these unexpected events can be very costly as well. This could be a car accident resulting in damage to vehicles and injuries. There could be a hurricane or other weather event that damages people’s...

If you don’t fight, you could end up facing these penalties

There’s certainly a lot at stake when you're facing criminal charges. So, it’s completely normal to feel nervous about the outcome of your case. You shouldn’t let your nerves push you toward accepting a plea deal that isn’t right for you, though. Instead, you need to...

The damage a DUI conviction may do to your career

A DUI conviction promises ramifications beyond criminal penalties. On the surface, you understand that you face incarceration, probation, steep fines, restitution, loss of your driver’s license as well as your vehicle. But digging deeper, you also face stark...

South Carolina man pleads guilty to federal charges

A convicted felon faces seven years in federal prison after pleading guilty to possession of a firearm as well as marijuana possession with intent to distribute. James Eric Hampton, Jr., of Columbia, admitted to selling marijuana when the University of South Carolina...

Here’s how to block the prosecution’s evidence

Drug charges can quickly derail your life, especially if you’re convicted and slapped with the harsh penalties sought by prosecutors. Jail or prison time, enormous fines, a lingering criminal record, and haunting damage to your reputation can all leave you feeling...

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