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Recent Tax Evasion Cases Make Headlines

Many different things can result in a charge of tax evasion which is a form of tax fraud. This can involve state or federal taxes.

Many South Carolina residents can find filing taxes and understanding tax laws confusing. On the one hand, there are many provisions in the tax code that allow for people to claim deductions and otherwise reduce their tax burdens. So, it is safe to say that there is an acknowledgement by state and federal tax entities that people want and need to lower taxes.

Tax laws are written so as to provide legal means by which taxpayers can lower their tax responsibilities. However, there is a limit to what the law will allow and the consequences of going too far in this regard can be very serious. Some recent news stories highlight this all too well.

Doctor’s prison sentence for tax evasion extended

After being sentenced to 14 years in prison, a physician appealed a court’s decision regarding her conviction for tax evasion. According to Forbes, not only did the appeals court uphold the original conviction but it added more prison time to her sentence.

The woman was found guilty on five counts of evading federal taxes . Since 1991, she has reportedly had a history with the Internal Revenue Service that required them to file liens and seize assets in order to receive tax revenue from her. She is also accused of creating a company solely for the purpose of avoiding taxes.

Tax court judge not immune from the system

Despite years hearing cases involving people accused of trying to cheat the IRS, a federal tax court judge has been accused of tax evasion herself. In addition, she is alleged to have conspired with her husband in order to evade taxes. From 2004 to 2012, the judge and her husband are reported to have claimed a myriad of personal expenses as deductible business expenses, thereby reducing their tax debt. They are also accused of failing to report some of their income.

South Carolina employees face state tax evasion charges

Closer to home, several employees of an international aerospace company who worked in North Charleston have been arrested on state tax evasion charges. reports that the first 11 people arrested are alleges to have avoided paying the state nearly $100,000 between 2011 and 2014. In all, 13 people have been arrested on multiple charges each.

Reports accuse the individuals of falsely stating that they did not need to pay South Carolina income tax and of not filing tax returns. Each person could face up to five years of incarceration and pay up to $10,000 for every charge for which a conviction is achieved.

Tax fraud takes many forms

The IRS explains that here are many forms of tax fraud. Attempts to underreport income or overstate deductions are just two examples of situations that can lead to criminal charges. Defendants in South Carolina should contact an attorney promptly to understand the laws and best options for facing these very serious charges.

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