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What defenses are there for domestic violence charges?

Every relationship has times when you and your partner will disagree. An argument can feel very after both parties have had a chance to cool off than it does while it is happening.

In some cases, a disagreement can get out of hand or misinterpreted, leaving both people feeling frustrated, hurt and upset. It can be overwhelming and stressful when an argument involves your partner filing domestic charges against you.

Here’s what you should know about the potential defenses for domestic violence charges in South Carolina.

Defending Yourself or Others

Often, an argument at home can become heated to the point that you feel like you need to protect yourself or others in the household. By the time police are involved, or the situation cools down, it can be challenging to pinpoint who started the conflict and how it escalated.

One of the most common defenses for domestic violence charges is that you were defending yourself or others in your home. While South Carolina is one of the states that observe “stand your ground” laws, it is essential to remember that the rule only applies while there is still an imminent threat. In many cases, you are expected to stand down once you are no longer being attacked.

False Allegations

Someone may report domestic violence in an attempt to manipulate your relationship. The accusations may be completely false or an exaggeration of the truth.

This can be challenging since police and prosecutors tend to take domestic violence charges seriously. Often it can feel like you have to prove your innocence since you are in a situation where it is one person’s story over another’s.

Domestic violence charges can have serious consequences, so it is essential to talk o an experienced professional.


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