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How a DUI can threaten your college education

College is an exciting time for young adults. Newfound independence often comes with having to make important decisions on your own, including whether to drink and drive. Unfortunately, millions of college students choose to drive while intoxicated. While you may be aware of the legal consequences of a DUI, such as fines, imprisonment, and license suspensions, you may not know about the potential college consequences of a DUI.

What can happen to your education

Even though a college is not a part of the legal system, they have the right to enact their own punishments for DUIs. In fact, most colleges have rules about this in their school charters. Colleges often take student DUIs seriously, as student convictions can reflect upon the college, and they want to protect their reputation. A college can enact a wide array of punishments for a DUI, including:

While the easiest way to avoid these punishments is to not drink and drive at all, if you do receive DUI charges, it is twice as important to fight them. As a student, a DUI conviction threatens your rights and also your education, so be sure not to plead guilty without talking to an attorney.

Your future is at stake in DUI cases

A DUI can have far more consequences than you are prepared to experience. Instead of risking your rights, education and future by driving while under the influence, consider alternate methods of travel. Call a friend, family member or rideshare service for a ride home, or stay where you are until you are completely sober—getting behind the wheel while intoxicated is not worth your future.