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The damage a DUI conviction may do to your career

A DUI conviction promises ramifications beyond criminal penalties. On the surface, you understand that you face incarceration, probation, steep fines, restitution, loss of your driver’s license as well as your vehicle.

But digging deeper, you also face stark challenges to your professional career. A DUI conviction means that you now have a criminal record. You have tarnished your reputation in ways that may lead to getting fired from your job and having prospective employers turning their backs on you.

Termination and loss of professional license

Here are some of the ways that a DUI conviction affects your working life:

This is the reality of the harm a DUI conviction may do to your career. No one wants to face any of these scenarios.

Reduced charges or dismissal

A DUI conviction may linger for a long time. Beyond the criminal penalties, please understand that you also may have put your career at risk. Your best chance to overcome this situation is to work with a legal ally who may get such charges reduced or dismissed.