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If you don’t fight, you could end up facing these penalties

There’s certainly a lot at stake when you’re facing criminal charges. So, it’s completely normal to feel nervous about the outcome of your case. You shouldn’t let your nerves push you toward accepting a plea deal that isn’t right for you, though. Instead, you need to fully analyze your circumstances to determine which course of action is best for you. This includes knowing how a conviction could affect your life now and into the future.

The penalties that you could face upon conviction

We know this is an uneasy conversation to have, but if you’re thinking about accepting a plea deal or taking a losing case to trial, then you need to know what penalties are on the table. Therefore, take a look at this list of penalties and consider how big of a role each one may play in your case:

Don’t be scared, be prepared

We don’t lay out these penalties to frighten you into inaction. Instead, we want you to realize the importance of building your criminal defense early on in your case. The sooner you start strategizing, the better positioned you will be to seek an outcome that avoids the harshest of penalties. With some legal know-how and tenacity on your side, you might even be able to block some of the prosecution’s evidence and have charges dismissed or secure an acquittal. To learn the criminal defense options available to you, though, you should consider discussing the specific facts of your case with an experienced attorney who has a track record of success in these matters.