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What are the different forms of domestic abuse?

Domestic abuse and allegations of domestic abuse can have a dramatic impact on everyone involved, including those accused of committing domestic abuse. It is helpful for everyone impacted by domestic abuse to be familiar with what is considered domestic abuse. There are several different forms of domestic abuse including:

Physical abuse

Physical abuse is the most common type of domestic abuse and can include grabbing, pushing, slapping, shoving, hitting, stabbing, burning and biting. It can also include withholding physical needs such as sleep or food; withholding necessities such as medications; denying entry to the family home; or withholding medical care or treatment when needed.

Emotional abuse

Emotional abuse can include words and actions used to berate, embarrass or to tear down another person’s self esteem. Domestic abuse can target emotional and psychological well-being. Emotional violence can also include threats of physical harm or threats to harm loved ones.

Financial abuse

Financial abuse includes wielding influence over financial resources to oppress. It can include limiting or denying access to funds or creating an allowance.

Isolation and stalking

isolation can be used to maintain control by keeping the individual away from friends, family and others. Stalking involves persistent and unwanted pursuit that can oftentimes create a fear of physical harm or death for the individual targeted or for their family or loved ones.

Domestic violence is a serious issue and any domestic violence charges should be taken seriously. Those involved in domestic violence situations should know how to respond and be aware of the different legal resources available to help them defend themselves if needed.