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Should you have a public defender represent you?

A lot of people who are charged with serious criminal offenses qualify for the services of the public defender agency. This can be a low or even no-cost option for your criminal defense. For this reason, a lot of people elect to be represented by a public defender rather than seek assistance from a private criminal defense attorney. But before going to trial on your case with a public defender by your side, you need to carefully assess whether one of these attorneys is right for you. After all, your freedom is on the line.

The risks of being represented by a public defender

Although there are a lot of great public defenders out there, there are many who simply don’t live up to the job. Here are some of the weaknesses of a public defender:

Choose an attorney that is right for you

We’re not saying that all public defenders are bad attorneys. But when you’re appointed a public defender, you don’t have a say into whom your case is given. Do you want to take that kind of gamble with so much on the line?

If not, then you may want to look into criminal defense representation by a private attorney. These legal teams, like the one at our law firm, are dedicated to building the competent and aggressive legal arguments that are necessary to not only protect accused individuals’ rights, but also maximize their chances of obtaining the best outcome possible under the circumstances. If you want the kind of representation that going to attack as many aspects of the prosecution’s case as possible, then you might want to consider reaching out to a law firm like ours.