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Why kickbacks are illegal

Receiving kickbacks is still a very real crime being committed in South Carolina and across the country. Understandably, this is often confused with bribery, which is similar but not the same. Bribery is something of value given upfront, whereas kickbacks are usually a reward for something which has already been done. But, of course, there is so much more to this crime. Thus the following includes further information on why kickbacks are illegal.

How kickbacks affect companies and government

Kickbacks are usually seen within the business industry and even within some parts of the government. However, criminal law states that no matter where a kickback takes place, it is still an illegal act. A person may be charged for receiving kickbacks within a business if they are seen playing favorites towards one vendor over another and receiving something of value. Government employees have also been charged with this crime. An example from the government may include choosing one contractor over another and receiving a gift of value such as stocks or a favor in return.

How can you spot kickbacks?

Fortunately, many of those receiving kickbacks do leave a trail of evidence along the way. The following list includes some of the things you can look for that may indicate that this crime is being committed.

Being charged for receiving kickbacks is a very serious crime. Thus it is important to ensure that you are bringing in the right legal team to represent you when your case goes to court.