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Common types of auto insurance fraud

When it comes to reporting an auto accident in South Carolina or other states around the country, it is incredibly important to ensure that you are reporting accurate information. Failure to do so can lead you to be accused and charged with committing auto insurance fraud. In fact, insurance companies around the nation take this very seriously and will make time to investigate discrepancies with a claim. Read on to learn about the most common types of auto insurance fraud seen across the country.

Vehicle dumping

One of the most common auto insurance fraud crimes includes vehicle dumping. This is where the owner of a vehicle will simply abandon their car in a remote location. Others may dispose of it in a lake or sell it for cash. The owner will then file a claim for a stolen car and reclaim the auto insurance payments. Because nobody is harmed during this act, it is usually classified as a white-collar crime.

Exaggerating car accidents

Because auto accidents are so common, many people believe that their claims won’t be investigated. This is why some people exaggerate the severity of the accident in order to obtain a large sum of money from their insurance company.

Registering their car in a different location

Auto insurance fraud crimes are not just committed by people exaggerating a car crash or by dumping their vehicle. Some fraud may begin as early as the registration process. Vehicle owners living in areas with high auto theft rates are likely to face high insurance rates. Looking to pay less, these owners may end up registering their vehicles in safer locations.

Although auto insurance fraud is a common occurrence, there are times when the accusations are not warranted. For example, exaggerating repair costs could involve the auto shop rather than the driver. It is recommended for car owners to have an attorney at the ready for these types of legal challenges.