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Thoughts On Thanksgiving

We often think of gratitude on Thanksgiving Day. It is a day to gather and offer thanks. It is not just a day. It is THE day for Americans. It’s a tradition that started before our nation’s founding and has been part of our culture for as long as anyone alive can remember.

Parades, turkey, pecan pie, football are all part of the day, but they are not the reason for the day. No matter what other traditions families may share, gratitude is the thread that holds the day together. The idea of sharing that gratitude with others is one of the unique hallmarks.

However, feelings of gratitude don’t always come naturally, especially in times of strife or struggle. But an attitude of gratitude is something we can cultivate in our lives through practice and intention. We possess an ability to look beyond dire circumstances, to see better things. Maybe more than any time in the recent history of our country, we are seeing that need this Thanksgiving.

But how you ask? How can you feel grateful when there is so much uncertainty in our country and world? It’s simple. Remember gratitude doesn’t come from our circumstances; it comes from how we choose to see the world. Quite simply, gratitude comes from your heart.