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What will embezzlement charges mean for you?

Facing criminal charges is a grave threat to your future, especially when you are up against white collar criminal allegations, such as embezzlement. While a white collar case lacks an element of violence, these are not victimless crimes, and the federal government takes these cases seriously. You should take your situation seriously as well.

Embezzlement is a criminal offense that involves the mishandling of funds entrusted to a person. These can be large, complex cases, or they can involve something as seemingly minor as a cashier taking money from a register. Regardless of the nature of your case, it is in your interests to work quickly to develop a strong defense strategy and confront the case against you. There is a lot on the line, but you do not have to face it alone.

What is it?

Embezzlement happens when someone who is trusted to with funds intentionally mishandles those funds for financial gain. This type of white collar crime often takes place at a corporate level, such as when a manager or someone with access to client funds allocates them to the wrong place. This allows him or her to access the money for personal gain. It is a type of fraud, and like fraud, it can take many forms.

Ponzi schemes are a type of embezzlement that scam investors by taking their funds and using them for personal enrichment instead of investing them as promised. While it often involves funds, embezzlement can happen with other assets. A person guilty of this crime may transfer assets like company vehicles, phones, real estate and more for his or her own gain. Essentially, this type of crime can take place when any funds or assets trusted to someone for a specific purpose are not used for that purpose.

Your future at risk

If convicted of any type of white collar crime, you could face expensive fines, time behind bars and other penalties. You could end up with a mark on your criminal record that could follow you the rest of your life. You may also lose your personal reputation, future education opportunities and chances at specific types of jobs.

A strong criminal defense strategy is your best option for protecting your long-term interests. If you are under investigation for fraud or you are already facing charges, it is in your interests to seek the guidance of an experienced South Carolina defense attorney as soon as possible.