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The stress of being a doctor can lead some to alcohol

You may have known from the time you were young that you wanted to be a doctor. You studied hard all through your school years and looked forward to the time when you could gain practical experience in helping people with their medical concerns. In the beginning of your career, you may have been bright-eyed and eager to touch the lives of others.

Unfortunately, over the years, you came to closely understand just how demanding and difficult it is to be a doctor. You may feel that you have little social life because you spend most of your time at the hospital. Even when you do have time off, you likely lack energy to do anything fun. You may even suffer from mental issues of your own, like depression, due to the strain of the job.

Turning to alcohol

Due to the demands of the job, many medical professionals turn to alcohol as a way to cope. You may think that a drink after work will help you relax, but soon, it may have turned into a few drinks after work or even a quick sip while on the job. Though you may not feel that alcohol affects your abilities as a doctor, it could have the following consequences:

These issues could cause concern among your patients and your co-workers, and the chance exists that your job could be on the line if one suspects you of drinking alcohol while on the job. Of course, you may not think you have a problem and feel that others are simply overreacting with their concerns.

Serious consequences

Even if you do not think that your drinking affects your job, it could affect your life overall. One day after a few drinks after work, you may hop in your vehicle to head home. However, rather than making it home without incident, an officer stops your vehicle, and you end up facing a DUI charge. At that time, your world may seem out of control.

Before you begin to panic, you may want to remember that you have legal rights and options for fighting back against any type of criminal charge. Discussing your specific situation with a South Carolina attorney could help you determine your best course of action for defending against the allegation and mitigating any possible consequences.