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Professionals facing criminal charges may have twice the worries

Professionals licensed in their field have twice as much to worry about when facing a criminal charge. On top of defending their rights against criminal allegations, they must protect their professional license.

Most professional fields take a criminal conviction very seriously, as their freedom and their livelihood are at risk if convicted. It is important to be proactive in defense of both.

What to expect beyond criminal proceedings

Licensed professionals will often see their case go before the S.C. Department of Labor Licensing and Registration (LLR). LLR oversees more than 40 different professions in South Carolina, including doctors, nurses, dentists, chiropractors, pharmacists, accountants, engineers, social workers, building contractors and even auctioneers.

Any of these boards have the authority to suspend or revoke someone’s professional license, if a complaint comes before them.

The LLR complaint process

Individuals can file a complaint against a professional, or one might be kicked off by a criminal charge. A complaint filed with the LLR might allege:

If the complaint falls under LLR’s jurisdiction, they will assign an investigator to gather information for the Investigative Review Committee. An attorney can help you protect your rights throughout this process, as well as appeal if need be.

Even if found “not guilty,” there still might be consequences

When a professional faces a criminal charge, there can still be ramifications even if they are found “not guilty” in their criminal case. The licensing board can still issue a public reprimand, suspend or revoke their license or place them on probation. It is important to have an advocate on your side throughout the process, protecting your rights.