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Drug Arrests Of The Rich And Famous

Celebrities used as an example by law enforcement

Despite their fans and the importance placed on them in our society, celebrities can also get arrested for drug crimes. In many situations, as with other citizens, officers make these arrests based on simple possession – especially of marijuana.

Many people believe that the rich and famous are arrested for drug crimes to set an example to the rest of us that nobody is above the law and the “War on Drugs.” As a celebrity-obsessed culture, this message is received loud and clear by most Americans, whether the famous individual faces prosecution or not.

A history of arresting famous citizens for drug crimes

Celebrity drug arrests are not a recent development by any means. In fact, the U.S. government has been arresting famous citizens for drug crimes since the 1930s.

Just as with today, the rich and famous who were arrested throughout U.S. history were used by law enforcement agencies as a show of force and resolve against illegal drug use.

Examples of celebrities who have been arrested

No celebrities seem immune to the reach of the Drug Enforcement Agency and other law enforcement entities. To illustrate this, below is a list of just some of the movie and television starts, musicians and other performers, athletes and other cultural icons who have been arrested for suspected marijuana or other drug use.

It is no question that many of the celebrities listed above benefited from experienced legal representation. You don’t have to be a cultural icon, however, to obtain a strong defense against drug charges.