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The consequences of a DUI charge

A driving while under the influence charge involves the operation of a vehicle while you are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or some other substance that impairs reaction time or judgment. A person who is convicted of a DUI charge most likely faces some sort of criminal punishment including and up to time in jail.

However, jail is usually a punishment of last resort; courts have a multitude of tools to alternatively punish people for DUI convictions. This article will review some of these possibilities.

Alcohol school and treatment are classes that courts require people to complete to either get their license reinstated or avoid jail time. Each class is unique to your situation and may include a combination of Alcoholic Anonymous meetings, educational seminars and sessions with a psychologist.

You may also request that an ignition interlock device be placed on your car. This is a device that requires you to blow into it before you may operate your vehicle. It analyzes your breath for alcohol content and only unlocks your car if it determines you are sober. Alternatively, the police may impound your vehicle until you complete all classes and pay all fines.

If you are convicted of multiple DUI offenses, then you may be subject to harsher penalties. This includes mandatory jail or prison time and mandatory license revocation.

If you are facing these potential effects, then you may want to speak with a law firm that is experienced in mounting vigorous defenses. A lawyer can help you understand all of the possible consequences of a DUI conviction or plea bargain.

As illustrated above, the consequences can vary from interlock devices on your car to prison time. An attorney may be able to thoroughly review your case and present a vigorous defense to help ensure that you are afforded every right guaranteed to you.