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Understanding criminal charges in South Carolina

When clients come to the Greenville law firm of Beasley Law, many of them are scared and confused because they do not understand the criminal charges they face and are unsure of how to defend themselves against those charges. A large part of our job as a criminal defense law firm is to support our clients by ensuring they understand their charges, the judicial process and their defense options.

When a client chooses our firm, the first step is a case evaluation. During the evaluation, we take the time to listen to our client’s story and examine any documentation. With this information, we can answer many of the client’s initial questions concerning the charges themselves, explain what he or she can expect in court and outline possible criminal defense strategies.

After the initial consultation, we begin the behind-the-scenes portion of our job. It is at this point that we begin the discovery process, which involves interviewing witnesses, reviewing police reports and examining the evidence the prosecution plans to use against our client. After a complete review of all pertinent information has taken place, we can begin to build the defense strategy that best fits our client’s needs.

If you are facing criminal charges and you live in the Greenville area, you can turn to the law firm of Beasley Law, for answers to your most pressing questions. Our attorney will take the time to ensure you have a complete understanding of your situation. If you would like more information on our criminal defense law firm, you can visit our firm’s website.