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Your attorney may be able to coach you before your trial

No one wants to have to deal with criminal charges, yet it is a sad fact that many people in South Carolina become the subjects of criminal investigations at some point in their lives. Sometimes this can simply involve a few routine questions as part of a wider investigation, but what happens if you are charged with an offense? Whether or not you committed the act you have been accused of, the future might suddenly feel very uncertain. A good defense is critical, yet you may be unsure what to say or do without risking making things worse.

There are many potential forms of defense, depending on the charges you face. Furthermore, as each case is unique, there is no hard and fast rule for which is the best option to choose. On top of all this, even once you know how you plan to plead and what form of defense you plan to use, it can still be daunting to face the questions of the prosecution.

This is why many attorneys will coach defendants prior to a trial. As this article on criminal charges explains, this can involve practice interviews or even visits to crime scenes in order to get as clear a picture of details of the case as possible.

Coaching can be extremely useful, so if you are facing criminal charges of any kind, you might benefit from the guidance of an attorney. He or she can weigh up the details of your case and may also be able to advise you about the most appropriate line of defense to take. With this support, you can go into your trial with an idea of what to expect and this in turn may help you to ensure that the court hears your side of the story as you work toward clearing your name and avoiding conviction.