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South Carolina man facing multiple drug charges

Every year in South Carolina, numerous people are arrested in connection with drug crimes. However, not all of these people have committed a crime. It is often difficult for the authorities to determine the truth, especially during the early stages of an investigation. As such, it is possible that you may be implicated in a crime you did not commit, or that the extent of your involvement in an offense might be assumed to have been greater than it was.

Fortunately, a good defense can make all the difference, as the law considers you to be innocent unless guilt can be proven beyond any reasonable doubt. Even so, the criminal process can be long and arduous. Furthermore, a conviction could mean serious penalties and a permanent mark on your record.

In Conway, South Carolina, a 42-year-old man is facing several charges relating to the possession and distribution of drugs. The man is alleged to have been arrested after a police chase during which his car is said to have crashed into a ditch. After leaving his vehicle, he is reported to have thrown a container while fleeing police. Authorities say that this contained cocaine base, 23 bags of methamphetamine and a further 21 bags which are reported to have contained marijuana.

As he has prior convictions for drug distribution, he could face severe penalties if he is found guilty. As such, like many people in his position, he could benefit from the advice and support of an attorney. If you find yourself facing charges of this nature, your attorney may be able to advise you about your options and assist you as you pursue the best possible outcome to your trial.

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