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South Carolina man arrested for drug trafficking

Most residents of South Carolina know how serious a matter it can be if you are arrested on suspicion of involvement in drug manufacturing or distribution. Not only can the investigation alone take its toll on you and your family, if you are convicted it could turn your life upside-down. You could be ordered to pay hefty fines, be sentenced to time in prison and even face problems in the future when seeking employment or housing.

All of these matters may be going through the mind of one man from South Carolina who was apprehended in Mississippi after a traffic stop. The 29-year-old was allegedly wanted on four separate warrants, each of which was related to the trafficking of controlled substances. According to reports, he was also to be considered armed and dangerous.

The traffic stop was said to have been carried out as the man’s driving appeared to be impaired. However, a background check precipitated the attending deputy’s decision to make the arrest. A vehicle search is believed to have turned up a handgun. Following the arrest, the suspect was extradited back to South Carolina where he is expected to face the various charges for the trafficking offenses of which he has been accused.

If convicted, this man’s future could be dramatically compromised. If you should find yourself in a similar position, it is vital to act quickly to form your defense. Fortunately you do not need to figure this out on your own as an attorney may be able to offer advice and support regarding the steps you should take.

Source: Sun Herald, “Fugitive stopped in Harrison County arrested in drug-trafficking scheme,” Margaret Baker, May 22, 2015