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What are South Carolina’s DUI penalties?

In South Carolina, the roads are not always safe. As a result, officers are constantly on the lookout for anyone who appears to be driving erratically or irresponsibly. For the most part this makes the state’s roads far safer. However, from time to time this means that innocent people may come under suspicion. A slight mistake may make you appear intoxicated behind the wheel. If this happens, you could be asked to submit to a number of tests.

If your blood alcohol concentration is below the legal limit of 0.08 percent, the chances are that you will be fine and allowed to carry on with no problems. However, the tests are not always accurate. Equally, if you have been drinking, you may find out that you are over the limit even if you do not feel drunk.

Unfortunately, this can have serious consequences. You may face drunk driving charges, risk losing your license and even be fined or jailed. If it is not the first time you have been convicted, the penalties can be even more severe. As this article on DUI penalties explains, in South Carolina, a fourth offense is enough to have your vehicle confiscated.

If you have been charged with drunk driving, you could benefit from the advice and support of an attorney. He or she can evaluate the circumstances of your arrest and may be able to assist you with building your defense. If there were any flaws in the arrest process, you may be able to escape conviction altogether.