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Great responsibility can lead to serious accusations

Reaching a position of great responsibility within your organization can be a worthy achievement. However, like all such things it comes with its risks. The more responsibility you bear, the greater the scrutiny under which you are held and the more serious your mistakes are considered to be. Worse still, some may even suggest that your mistakes are deliberate attempts at fraud and deception, which in turn could lead to criminal charges.

It is something that many individuals in positions of power throughout South Carolina have had to face. A simple slip can not only be extremely costly to an organization but can also be extremely incriminating, particularly if it appears to have worked in the responsible individual’s favor. However, all too often these incidents are no more than honest mistakes.

For example, you may breach policy by accidentally voting on a contract in which you have a vested interest. You may make a mistake when reclaiming expenses and request too much. You could even be unknowingly responsible for introducing the organization to a fraudulent individual and become implicated in their schemes as a result.

Whatever the case, our page on white collar crimes s may have some of the answers you need. An attorney may also be able to assist you if you find yourself faced with charges of this nature. Furthermore, if you have been falsely accused by someone who wishes to sabotage your position, you may even be able to challenge them for their dishonesty. Whatever the case, a good defense is key if you wish to protect your good name and avoid conviction.