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Sheriff accused of federal corruption

Criminal charges are a serious matter, particularly if you work in a position of power or influence. Even being suspected of a crime can be extremely damaging to your reputation. Furthermore, if you are convicted, you could lose your job altogether. On top of all this, a conviction could even affect your chances of future employment.

As if this were not bad enough, if the charges against you happen to be federal, you might face even stiffer penalties and even greater damage to your reputation. In one such case, a South Carolina sheriff stands accused of federal corruption. The sheriff, who is reported to be the longest-serving in the state, is suspected of accepting bribes in exchange for the release of individuals who had been detained due to their presence in the country being illegal.

However, the sheriff is believed to be fighting to have the charges against him dropped. According to papers filed by the man’s lawyers, the worst he might be considered responsible for is breaking a contract to report to the Department of Homeland Security. However, the prosecution continues to object, asserting that the sheriff arranged the incidents of bribery via conspiracy.

Cases like this are always difficult to get to the bottom of and it can be an extremely serious matter if you find yourself faced with the threat of conviction. Even so, an attorney may be able to help you confront the charges against you and work toward preserving your reputation and your future.

Source: WBTW News 13, “SC sheriff says charges against him should be dropped,” Nov. 25, 2014