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Federal charges can be life-changing

Being charged with any sort of crime is a serious issue in South Carolina. Depending on the nature and severity of the crime, you could face anything from fines or community service to a lengthy prison sentence. The damage to your reputation could affect the way you are treated within your local community, while the mark on your criminal record can diminish your employment prospects.

Crimes are charged on either a state or federal level and this also comes into play when determining the penalties for a particular crime. Often, federal charges come with harsher sentences as they are generally considered more serious crimes. However, this is not always the case and some states enforce particularly severe penalties for certain types of offense.

Knowing the laws in your home state can help to protect you from these charges and their consequences. However, if you are already under investigation, you might benefit from the support of an attorney. He or she can explain the potential repercussions you might face and may be able to assist you with your defense. You are innocent under the law unless you can be proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt, so all you need to do is preserve that doubt.

Our page on federal crimes also contain information on the options available to you when faced with charges of this nature. Whatever the crime, having the right defense can make all the difference. A conviction could permanently change the course of your life, so it is vital to take whatever steps you can to protect your good name and attempt to minimize the penalties you face.