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How can you reinstate your license in South Carolina?

If you are convicted of drunk driving, it can have many detrimental effects on your life. You might face fines or even a prison sentence. You could also have your license suspended. If you need to drive to work or, worse, if your job involves driving, you may be unable to continue working. Furthermore it will limit your ability to do things like dropping your children off at school, or traveling to buy groceries.

Losing your license can be extremely inconvenient and it is not only conviction that can cause this to happen. Refusing to participate in certain tests, such as being breathalyzed, can also lead to suspension. The period of time for which the suspension is in effect depends on the offense with which it was issued in connection.

Once that period has ended, your license is not reinstated automatically. In South Carolina you need to contact the DMV and fulfill certain requirements. These can vary depending on the reasons for suspension, but can include the following:

Of course, if you can avoid losing your license in the first place that is even better. An attorney may be able to help you with this. He or she can evaluate the charges you face and might be able to assist you in building your defense and escaping conviction.