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Drive-by shooting leads to 2 arrests

Federal charges are not to be taken lightly, as they often arise from serious accusations and can be punished severely in the event of conviction. Whether a crime is tried on the state or federal level can depend on a number of factors. Furthermore, while federal penalties are often more severe, this can vary from state to state, depending on the crime. Even so, a federal charge can have severe repercussions for your personal and professional life.

In California, two men have been accused of involvement in the shooting of two other men in May 2014. The drive-by incident is alleged to have happened one evening while the victims were out walking. However, according to their testimony, neither of the victims was able to see who was in the car.

The suspects were arrested approximately one week later, following an intensive investigation. One of the pair is reportedly wanted in South Carolina. There, he stands accused of involvement in another shooting that took place in April 2014, less than a week before the other incident. Both men are in custody and have chosen to plead not guilty.

Cases like this can be especially complicated as it is often difficult to pin down the guilty party, when there are no witnesses able to identify them. As a result, investigations are often long and arduous. In the meantime, the suspects are in limbo, uncertain of what their fate may be, and with the worry of conviction hanging over them.

It is an unpleasant position to be in, and it is vital to act quickly if you find yourself charged with a federal offense. An attorney could be the backup you need to help you understand the allegations against you and build your defense.

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