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South Carolina men charged with drug crimes

It is important to be aware of the legislation surrounding drug possession and use, not only in your home state, but in any state you visit. Being found in possession of something illegal within that state can land you in serious trouble. This in turn can lead to serious legal repercussions, such as hefty fines or even a prison sentence. The type and severity of the punishment depends on the substance involved in the drug charges, its quantity and your perceived intentions.

In Fayette County, North Carolina, a South Carolina man has been found guilty of a number of drug-related offenses. He was accused of moving drugs across state lines, possession with intent to deliver, selling drugs to undercover officers and controlled substance delivery. His arrest followed the alleged sale of 30 Roxycodone pills by him and two other men.

Of the other men accused of involvement in the alleged crimes, one is also from South Carolina. This Florence man faces charges of possession with intent to deliver, delivery and moving controlled substances into the state. The three men were arrested in November 2013.

Charges of this nature are taken very seriously and the outcome of this investigation could have a significant impact on these men’s futures. If you are facing allegations of involvement in a drug-related crime, the actions you take next can be extremely important. An attorney could be useful in this situation as he or she will be able to explain the charges against you and what to expect.

You are innocent unless proven guilty, so with the right guidance, you may be able to clear your name and escape conviction. If not, there is still a chance that the charges against you may be reduced so you face a less-severe sentence.

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