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South Carolina duo face federal charges

Federal convictions often come with weighty penalties. Not only may they lead to jail time, fines and a blot on your criminal record, but they can be damaging to your professional and personal life. The pressures of a federal investigation can take their toll and, unfortunately, they can be quite drawn out. Even when a settlement appears to be on the horizon, there can still be holdups, as two men from South Carolina have learned recently.

The duo from Anderson County were arrested in October 2013 and now face federal money laundering and gambling charges. They have been accused of being involved in an illegal gaming enterprise of which they were the alleged overseers. Since 2005, the alleged enterprise is believed to have earned $386 million.

The case is said to involve complex matters that have not previously been dealt with in a federal court. At the heart of it is the contention that money earned by leasing gaming software has been illegally deposited into banks in South Carolina.

Attorneys for the two men are said to have proposed a settlement with federal prosecutors. However, despite being proposed in December 2013, this settlement is yet to be approved by the U.S. Department of Justice. If it is not done by Sept. 2, 2014 the matter will go to trial. However, the settlement is subject to multiple reviews as it works its way up through the Justice Department.

Being caught up in a federal investigation is often a taxing experience, but it is not one you have to face alone. Fast and decisive action can be of great benefit to you as you stand up to the allegations against you and an attorney may be able to help you accomplish this.

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