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South Carolina man charged with intent to distribute cocaine

Drug convictions can leave a damaging mark on your record that affects your employment prospects and may even be detrimental to other areas of your life. Undergoing a criminal investigation for drug charges can be daunting and distressing, regardless of whether there is any truth to the allegations against you. When faced with such charges, it can be helpful to remain calm in order to present your version of events to the authorities and avoid falsely incriminating yourself.

A number of factors can affect the severity of drug charges, including the quantity of drugs found, the perceived intention of the person in possession of the substances and even the locale in which they are apprehended. In one such case in South Carolina, the accused’s proximity to a school may have exacerbated the charges against him.

The 32-year-old Wellford man was suspected of being in possession of narcotics. Officers went looking for him in Spartanburg at the Upstate Fatherhood Coalition. According to a report, he was found with $1,000 cash and an orange pill container holding crack cocaine. He now faces a charge relating to possession with intent to distribute. However, he was also charged for being within half a mile of a school while in possession of cocaine.

It can be hard to determine a person’s intentions simply from circumstantial evidence and occasionally this can count against you in the course of an investigation. However, all is not lost as a charge does not guarantee a conviction. An attorney can help you ensure that your side of the story is heard and may be able to assist you in securing a favorable resolution to the case.

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