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Man arrested after passing out in drive-thru

If you are perceived to be behaving abnormally behind the wheel of a vehicle, there is a chance that you will be investigated for drunk driving. Unusual behavior could include swerving erratically, drifting or even falling asleep at the wheel. Of course, there are any number of reasons that such behavior might occur, from fatigue to medical conditions. However, you may be asked to submit to a number of tests in order to ascertain whether you were driving under the influence.

In South Carolina, a 61-year-old man was arrested and charged with DUI after he fell unconscious while in a McDonald’s drive-thru line. Police were called to investigate the scene a little after midnight. They allegedly found the man unresponsive in his SUV and made several attempts to awaken him. Eventually he woke up, but is said to have appeared very confused.

After being asked to move his vehicle into a parking spot, the man consented to tests which were aimed at determining whether he was in a state to drive.

According to authorities, a mug containing wine was found in the man’s vehicle.

When talking with police, the man said he had gone without sleep since the morning before.

It can be difficult for officers to determine the truth in such situations. Evidence may seem incriminating, even if the accused is completely innocent.

When a person finds themselves under arrest for DUI, it can be helpful to try to stay as calm as possible. This may help you to avoid further troubles and also may allow you to pay close attention to the details of your arrest.

If the correct procedures are not followed during your arrest, the charges against you may be able to be challenged. Whatever the case, you may find the support of an attorney both useful and reassuring. With the right guidance, you may be able to work towards having the charges dismissed and protecting your good name.

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